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Remote / Proxy Crystal Chakra- 1 Session

1 Session, 30 mins, Chakra Clearing

  • 30 min
  • 70 Australian dollars
  • Offline / Proxy

Service Description

This is for 1 virtual / remote crystal healing session.

 What is virtual / remote crystal healing? 
 Virtual / Remote healing is when the client and practitioner are separated physically by some distance. Virtual healing is just as effective as in person. The subtle energies of crystal healing transcend space and time. I offer a 30 minute introductory session where I will conduct your session in my sacred space, with all of my crystals & healing tools.
At the time of the appointment, I recommend that you lie down in a quiet and comfortable place, although this is not necessary, you may go about your day.

The session involves, a chakra aura reading where I will give you a report of any blocked chakra’s, a chakra cleanse and recharge, aligning your chakras and closing your energy fields with a Selenite protection seal.

This treatment is a general chakra cleanse, you may need a specialised treatment to follow from my recommendations in your post session report. 

After your session, it's extremely important to drink lots of water and take it easy for at least 24 hours. Your vibration and energies will have shifted and it takes time for you to adjust to this. 

Expect to receive your report and recommendations after your session is finished. Allow up to 2 hours to receive your report.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please give us 24 hours notice.

Question? Email me or use our chat on our website

Other Services


Save $ and buy a package of 2 or 5 Session Packages, this is ideal for Heart Walls, Addition, PTSD, Childhood Trauma.

We recommend a 5 Session Package for Heart Wall Release.

Happy Girl


Pay a Monthly Subscription, and made this year the year you are committed to creating massive change in all areas of your life. Relationships, health, business, finances, family, creativity, inner peace, and overall abundant life will all be enhanced through the Emotion Code® method.

There are 2 Membership Levels.
Cancel anytime.

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