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Let Menopause Be Your New Beginning

Many consider Menopause an end since the reproductive cycle ends when women enter Menopause. If you're going through this phase, you might be experiencing various symptoms. And they must be quite uncomfortable for you. However, menopause was never an end but the beginning of a fresh experience. Let me help you start living your life in a new way through my Emotion Code® sessions.

Are you struggling with the following symptoms?

Hot flushes

Mood swings

Dry skin

Night sweats

Weight gain

Low libido

Brain fog


Muscle and joint aches

Lack of sleep

Middle Aged Woman in White Blouse

With My Spiritual Energy Healing, Get Relief From Menopause Symptoms

Over a cup of tea

Special Price

Only for Today 

Menopause Healing for 2 Sessions at $111

Original Price $140

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Hey, I'm Banika

I'm a certified Emotion Code & Body Code practitioner. I use energy healing to treat menopause symptoms. Trapped emotions in the subconscious cause these symptoms. I work on each symptom and release trapped emotions from your subconscious.

I've experienced all the symptoms of Menopause even though I haven't experienced menopause yet. It was because I was on hormone therapy for breast cancer treatment. Well, let's just say it was not fun. It really hindered me from living a happy life.

My first encounter with Emotion Code was to relieve my menopause symptoms.

When finishing the hormone therapy, I was 41 and went straight into peri-menopause.
However, I have now relieved myself from my peri-menopause symptoms which included dry skin, night sweats, foggy brain, irritable, and dry hair.

I had started using Emotion Code on myself for many aspects of my life and am now practicing Emotion Code & Body Code on clients for many years. I have had the fortune of helping many ladies with menopause symptoms like low libido, painful sex, foggy brain, dry, flaky skin, hot flashes, mood swings, and more.

Do you want to dramatically reduce your symptoms naturally?
Buy a Menopause package today to see results within the next 1-2 weeks. The best part is you won't have to lift a finger!

  • How does Emotion Code work?
    Trapped emotions are identified using specific questioning and muscle testing (kinesiology). Muscle testing is a process of asking your subconscious yes or no questions to determine which trapped emotions need to be cleared. The process of identifying a trapped emotion brings it into your consciousness so it can be released with intention. Often, you’ll experience a memory or feeling when the emotion is identified and it has the chance to be acknowledged and released. I will use a magnet to aid the release (by passing a magnet over the Governing Meridian) allowing the trapped emotion to be cleared energetically.
  • What is Distance Healing (remote / proxy)
    Distance Healing, also known as Remote or Proxy Healing, is a transfer of energy from a practitioner to the recipient. Through the quantum field, thought and muscle testing I connect to your subconcious, which can be done no matter where you are located. Distance Healing has the ability to be effective without the need for physical presence and can be felt across any distance. Just like we are connected via the internet now. Thought is energy, and so when we focus our intent, we are sending that energy out to the person or situation. You can book your appointment for any time and go about your day. I will work on you, and email you the session report. Distant healing is when I am most effective in my healing for my clients, as I am located on a peaceful remote bush 100 acre property, I am surrounded by nature while doing my sessions allowing me to focus my energy for the Distant Healing sessions with no distractions.
  • How will I feel after a session?
    You may feel lighter & calmer. Some people experience some symptoms, such as a headache, emotional ups, and downs, vivid dreams, trouble sleeping, or a bit of fatigue. At the same time, your subconscious releases these energies completely. If you notice anything like this, don't worry, it's just part of the healing process and shouldn't last for more than a day or two. You will need 2-5 days for your body to process the emotions.
  • Will you find out my secrets?
    No, all I will ask for is the emotion, the age it occurred, and what life event or person it is related to. If you have the session via proxy, you don't have to share more. We will find out if it was related to Home, School, or Work, relating to a Mother, Father, Sibling, Female, or Male. When you get your report, you may not remember exactly what it is.
  • Once I purchase a session, what happens next?
    You have to answer all the questions on the booking form I need to start your session. I will review your booking form, and if I need any further information, I will email you from or check your spam also. At the time of your booking, I will: Set an intention to help you and take a moment of silence to ask for assistance from my spirit guides Connect to your subconscious through the quantum field. Ask your subconscious yes/no questions using muscle testing to identify and decode the details of your Trapped Emotion. Release the Trapped Emotion using magnetic fields and the principles of ancient Chinese medicine. (Most sessions will release between 5-10 Trapped Emotions.) Disconnect from your subconscious and let you know your results via email approx 30-40 mins after the start of your session. Here is an example of what a session report will look like. You will also receive an explanation of the Emotions and meanings.
  • How long are the sessions?
    All Emotions code sessions are total 30 mins, this consist of: - 5 mins connecting with subjects subconscious and checking severity of issues etc. - 20 mins releasing 10 emotions - 5 mins writing post session report and emailing any recommendations or booking next sessions Why do some practitioners have longer? It is recommended in our training, but Dr. Bradley Nelson to make short session so the subconscious is put under pressure to release the emotions that will serve you best, otherwise if not put under pressure it will just take all the time and release any thing in no particular order or benefit to you.
  • How many sessions do I need?
    It varies. Some people will have instant results after 1 session, and some take many sessions. Emotional healing often happens in layers. As we chip away at your subconscious's layers of Trapped Emotions, you may experience slow, incremental relief. Or you may experience nothing until the third or fourth session when your issue suddenly resolves completely. If you've suffered from an issue (symptom) for 3 years, it may take 3-4 sessions. But some symptoms I have resolved in 2 sessions. In the first session, I will be able to give you an ""idea"" of how many sessions it may take.
  • What information about the issue do I need to provide?
    Just list the specific symptoms you are experiencing. Menopause is not a symptom. I need to know the issues accompanying Menopause from worst to not so much. For Example, you would like to work on these issues. 1. Hot Flashes 2. Low libido 3. Mood Swings. I will start working on the first symptom and work my way down the list.
  • Will I feel when you are connected?
    No, you will not feel anything, you can do ahead with your day as usual. You may even sleep through your session because The Emotion Code is completely painless and non-invasive. Some people may experience a headache while connected, or after a session. This is the energy in the body adjusting. Make sure you drink plenty of water during and after a session. Water is energy and you need to rebuild your body's energy. If you are very sensitive to energy and would like your session to take place while you are asleep, please let me know your time zone when you and I will do my best to accommodate.


I've been so impressed with the difference between when I started with Banika about 6 weeks ago and to now much lighter and emotionally stronger I feel now.  My relationships have improved and my sense of self is tangibly stronger.  Coincidentally I had recorded how I was feeling the week before I commenced with Banika so it's been easy to see how different and better I now feel.  I've dealt with menopause issues, insomnia and digestion with great success.  I'm underweight and have many food intolerances, and after the first session on my digestion, I was actually hungry enough to start the day with breakfast the next morning!  I definitely recommend EC with this talented practitioner.

I was losing my mind with menopausal hot flushes. After one session the severity of flushes were reduced, after the second session virtually no hot flushes. Too amazing for words. Highly recommended. (Rachel)

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