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Kids Proxy Emotion Code - 1 Session

Under 18 yo. 1 Session, approx. 30 mins, releasing up to 10 Trapped Emotions.

  • 30 min
  • 65 Australian dollars
  • Remote / Offline

Service Description

For Children 0-18 yo. 1 Session via Remote/Email. Duration: Approx 30 minutes. Ideal for a specific block or issue in mind ie; Colic, Sleep, Temper, Anxiety, Fears. Kids usually only need 1 session, but some may require 2 sessions, with a following in a few months. I recommend doing kids sessions late at night, while they are asleep so book in a 8pm session for kids. Then they will process while they sleep. > I will do a remote/proxy emotion code session at the time of the session you booked. You or the child do not need to be present for the session. Just go about your day/night. > I will release up to 10 Trapped Emotions per session. > I will give you an emailed report of all Emotions released. > At the end of the session I will give you a percentage (% ) of the amount released contributing to the issue, giving you an idea of how many further sessions are required for the "issue" > I will give you a number of processing days their body requires before a next session can be booked. Disclaimer Post Emotion Code Session: Processing is when the body is in the act of healing which may lead to feeling calmer, relaxed, and lighter. There is a 20 percent chance you may be emotional, reactive, or you might feel tired. I recommend drinking plenty of water.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please give us 24 hours notice.

Question? Email me or use our chat on our website

Other Services


Save $ and buy a package of 2 or 5 Session Packages, this is ideal for Heart Walls, Addition, PTSD, Childhood Trauma.

We recommend a 5 Session Package for Heart Wall Release.

Happy Girl


Pay a Monthly Subscription, and made this year the year you are committed to creating massive change in all areas of your life. Relationships, health, business, finances, family, creativity, inner peace, and overall abundant life will all be enhanced through the Emotion Code® method.

There are 2 Membership Levels.
Cancel anytime.

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