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May 2024

Banika is a very caring, thorough, ethical and talented practitioner!


I trust her implicitly, and have gained excellent results in improving my health. I highly recommend Banika to anyone who wants to get to the root causes of issues without endlessly ruminating on the story. I love this modality (Emotion Code & Body Code) - it cuts through layers very quickly. Do yourself a favour and book a session!
- Diana


April 2024

We have felt much more calmer after our emotion code sessions.
Banika has helped our family with many issues.
Body code has helped with aches.

- Anonymous

June 2022

I've cleared so much with Banika's sessions. I absolutely love Emotion Code and the clarity and emotional freedom it brings me. When she gave me a Body Code session for considerable weakness in my right leg, the very next day I was doing the Warrior yoga pose and it felt JUST as strong as my left! Mind blowing!!! Thoroughly recommended.

- Izabel

June 2022

Banika is an empathetic and kind person who genuinely wants to help humans and animals alike. A great experience ! I will certainly refer Banika to others.

- Debi

August 2022

I was losing my mind with menopausal hot flushes. After one session the severity of flushes were reduced, after the second session virtually no hot flushes. Too amazing for words. Highly recommended.

- Rachel

January 2022

All our family members have been using Banika’s services for a while now  and it has been an amazing therapy ever! Both my husband and I had  a lot of  trapped emotions and heart walls issues and she had pointed it out and relieved them all now  we feel much more calm and happier. Many thanks Banika from the bottom of our hearts ️We would  love to continue using your services again this year. 
- Anonymous

January 2022

Couldn't be happier about my first session. Looking forward to releasing more blocks. 
- Kristy-Lee

December 2021

Over the course of four sessions, Banika released stored heart wall emotions that I had been carrying since childhood. After each session, I felt noticeably lighter, more free and more positive. The best way I can describe it is now having a protective barrier around me, shielding me from external, unnecessary negative energy. After going through a life changing experience, it was exactly what I needed as part of my healing journey. I cannot recommend enough!! Banika could pinpoint the trapped emotions and I could actually link to many events of my past that may have caused the pain, allowing me to understand myself even more. I will continue working with her regularly to maintain this positivity.  
- Rebecca

November 2022

What a great outcome!! I have been trying everything to get over my anxiety and chest pains for years.  Having my heart wall removed made such a difference to my life. I love waking up everyday feeling so good, thank you so much Banika, I really feel great.

- Lauren B

August 2022

I've been so impressed with the difference between when I started with Banika about 6 weeks ago and to now much lighter and emotionally stronger I feel now.  My relationships have improved and my sense of self is tangibly stronger.  Coincidentally I had recorded how I was feeling the week before I commenced with Banika so it's been easy to see how different and better I now feel.  I've dealt with menopause issues, insomnia and digestion with great success.  I'm underweight and have many food intolerances, and after the first session on my digestion, I was actually hungry enough to start the day with breakfast the next morning!  I definitely recommend EC with this talented practitioner 

- Anonymous

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