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Session types we offer:
Proxy  / Remote -  Muscle testing by proxy is used when the recipient, is not or can't be present.

This is distance healing, you don't need to be present, you can just continue on with your day as normal.  We connect with your subconscious,  just like the Internet is connecting us now. On the time and date you select, your practitioner will connect to you via muscle testing, release imbalances, and a report of the released will be emailed to you at the end of the session.

Zoom / Online / Phone - If you prefer to see your session in progress, we can connect via Zoom, you will be sent at Zoom link upon booking, and at the date and time selected you will need to be available on Zoom, or we can do via Phone if you prefer.

Kids and Animals Emotion Code Sessions - These sessions are done via Proxy only. And these are done late at night between 8pm-9pm at the Practitioners discretion and a report of the released emotions will be send via email once completed. Kids and Animals usually have less emotions trapped and we will release up to 10 emotions in a session. It is best to give a few issues as if only 2-3 emotions are released from 1 issue, we can continue to next issue.
All Emotion Code and Heart Wall Sessions are 30 mins, allowing 20mins for Emotion Releases
up to 10 emotions and
5-10 mins to review issues, and writing your post session report.

Body Code Sessions are 40 mins, allowing 30 mins for imbalances to be released
and 5-10 mins to review issues, and writing your post session report and recommendations.



Save $ and buy a package of 2 or 5 Session Packages, this is ideal for Heart Walls, Addiction, PTSD, Childhood Trauma.

We recommend a 5 Session Package for Heart Wall Release.

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Pay a Monthly Subscription, and make this year the year you are committed to creating massive change in all areas of your life. Relationships, health, business, finances, family, creativity, inner peace, or overall abundant life will all be enhanced through the Body Code and Emotion Code® method.

There are 2 Membership Levels.
Cancel anytime.

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