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Read more about how I use emotion code and body code for weight loss here.

This package includes 1 x Emotion Code Session and 1 Body Code Session. I will perform your energy healing sessions by proxy which means that I use myself as a substitute for your body to complete your healing. You can go about your day or night.

I will seek out trapped emotions and imbalances that are contributing to your current weight. I will release them from your body, significantly reducing your weight and mindset on a healthy weight in a few weeks.

The process of finding out what the trapped emotion, when it happened, and what it is related to, is that it moves it up from the subconscious into the conscious. As it surfaces in the mind, it also happens in the body. The negative energy moves from deep in the system to the surface. There, it is released and can be neutralized with my intention focusing on the governing meridian.

This package is for 2 sessions, most weight walls are done in 2 sessions. If further sessions are required I will contact you in your 2nd session to recommend how many further sessions are needed. 

Your 1st Emotion Code session will usually be done within 24 - 48 hours of purchasing this package and the 2nd session (Body Code) will be approx 4 days after the 1st session. The body needs a few days to process to the energy release in the first session. But you will start noticing a difference after the 1st session.

This is a full distance healing / remote session by email, I will conduct your session (without you present) and email you full report after each session is completed.

Weight Wall Package

$175.00 Regular Price
$144.00Sale Price
GST Included

All I need from you is your full name, age, current weight (kg) and desired weight.

On purchasing this item you must also read and accept you have read the disclaimer.

You also agree to the Terms & Conditions below;
I agree this can take up to 14 days for 2 sessions to be completed. This will give enough time for my body to process the healing. Processing is the act of healing which post session I may lead to feeling calmer, relaxed and lighter. There is a 20 percent (%) chance I may be emotional, reactive, or you might feel tired. It's recommended to drink plenty of water around the time of your healing.

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