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Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe through Akashic Records

At the beginning of 2023 I embarked on a new journey with my intuition and guides taking me to explore Akashic Records, and in the process I completed a 6 month training program and gained my Practitioner Certification in Akashic Records Level 1 & 2.

Certified Akashic Practitioner

What is Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records, in spiritual and metaphysical belief systems, are often described as a cosmic or universal database that contains the collective knowledge, experiences, and wisdom of every soul that has ever existed, as well as information about past, present, and potential future events. The term "Akashic" is derived from the Sanskrit word "Akasha," which means "ether" or "spirit."

Here are some key aspects of the Akashic Records:

1.     Universal Library: The Akashic Records are often conceptualized as a vast, non-physical, and timeless library or repository of information. It is said to exist in a dimension beyond the physical world.

2.     Energetic Records: While the Akashic Records are often depicted as a "library," they are not made up of physical books or documents. Instead, they are believed to be stored in the form of energetic imprints or vibrations.

3.     Collective Consciousness: According to belief systems that incorporate the concept of the Akashic Records, every thought, emotion, action, and experience of every individual throughout history is recorded in this universal database. It is considered a collective consciousness.

4.     Accessing Information: Some individuals, often trained or gifted in intuitive or psychic abilities, have the ability to access the Akashic Records through meditation, visualization, or other altered states of consciousness. They act as intermediaries or channels to retrieve specific information.

5.     Purpose: The Akashic Records are believed to serve several purposes, including providing guidance, insight, and healing for individuals. Accessing the records is often seen as a means of gaining clarity about life's challenges, understanding past-life experiences, and receiving spiritual guidance.

6.     Karma and Soul Evolution: The records are associated with the concept of karma and the evolution of the soul. It is believed that the choices and actions of an individual influence their karmic path and can be explored through the Akashic Records.

7.     Spiritual Growth: Many practitioners and seekers turn to Akashic Record readings or consultations to support their spiritual growth, personal development, and healing journey.

It's important to note that the existence of the Akashic Records is a matter of spiritual belief, and there is no scientific evidence to confirm their existence. Different cultures and spiritual traditions may have variations in their understanding of the Akashic Records, but the overarching idea is that they contain a vast repository of knowledge and wisdom accessible to those who seek it for personal and spiritual purposes.



What is a Akashic Record Reading? An Akashic Record reading is a spiritual and metaphysical practice that involves accessing the Akashic Records to gain insight, guidance, and information about an individual's past, present, and potential future experiences.

Here's how an Akashic Record reading typically works:

1.     Connection: A trained practitioner, or often called an Akashic Reader or Akashic Records Consultant, enters a meditative or altered state of consciousness to connect with the Akashic Records. They do this through intention and visualization.

2.     Client's Information: The client provides their name, age, and sometimes other personal details (although this is not always necessary). This information is used to establish a connection to the client's specific records.

3.     Questions and Guidance: The practitioner will as a series of questions and record the information. If you have any questions or concerns you would like to ask please advise me before the session time.

4.     Information Retrieval: The practitioner acts as an intermediary or channel, accessing the Akashic Records to retrieve information and insights related to the client's questions or concerns.

5.     Response and Interpretation: The information received from the Akashic Records is conveyed to the client in a report. This may involve descriptions, symbols, metaphors, or direct messages that are intended to provide clarity, understanding, and guidance.Once the client reads their report they will acknowledge this to the practitioner and a decree is provided to the client to read for 7 days (sometime more is needed, this will be advised to the client).

6.     Healing and Transformation: Akashic Record readings are not just about gaining knowledge; they are also considered a form of energetic healing. The information and insights gained during the reading can help individuals release old patterns, heal past wounds, and make more aligned choices in their lives. Once the 7 days of reading is done, confirm this with your practitioner so they can make sure the records have been cleared.

It's important to note that Akashic Record readings are based on spiritual and metaphysical beliefs and are not scientifically proven. They are often regarded as a form of intuitive or psychic reading and are conducted by individuals with specific training and experience in working with the Akashic Records.

Clients who seek Akashic Record readings are often looking for spiritual guidance, clarity on life's challenges, or a deeper understanding of their soul's journey. The information obtained in these readings is believed to come from a higher source of wisdom and is intended to support personal growth and spiritual development.

What is the cost? There are a few options: 1. Past Life Reading $155 – includes soul profile

2. Ancestral Reading  $122

3. Both Readings $250 (Saving $27)

* Some Souls do not allow their Akashic Record to be accessed. If this happens, I’ll let you know immediately upon accessing your record and will refund your payment in full. Love and Gratitude,

Banika 💜

The "Zen Curator"



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