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Top 5 Healing Crystals For Support

Healing is a journey we take to restore and grow our energy. Crystals with their unique vibrations make for great companions of energetic support during these times.

You can choose them by researching their properties beforehand or allowing your instinct to guide you towards one that is calling out to you through sight or feeling in your time of need. Here are five to know:


Connected to the higher chakras, this purple crystal offers you to connect with your higher self. When you can connect with your higher self more, it gets easier to learn more about your core and be more compassionate and patient during your journey.


A fiery crystal that offers us bravery by igniting our lower chakras for grounding. This spark offers to connect physically again to our reality and what grows our fire. Not only does this offer the courage to believe and want better for yourself but to also go after it in uncertain times.


Bringing everything up to the surface, this dark blue and black crystal sheds light on our repressed shadows, fears, and wounds so we can accept and heal ourselves as a whole. This crystal offers protection, stability, and clarity in times of great turmoil where we learn to clear out our energy instead of repressing it.

Rose Quartz

Connecting to your heart space safely is an important part of healing. This pale pink crystal offers the soft, calm energy of comfort to offer you emotional release and to help you connect better to your heart chakra. It holds space for you to learn love, kindness, and tenderness for yourself and attracts the same energy.

Clear Quartz

This clear crystal holds all the power to channel all your intentions and purposes through your healing journey, whether that is a manifestation, cleansing, or connecting to your third eye. It not only increases the energy of your other crystals but can neutralise them.

Love and Gratitude, Banika x

The Zen Curator


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