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Chakras and the Effects of Each Chakra Blocked

Chakras are simply energy centers within the body. This ancient Sanskrit word translates as "wheels of light." These wheels of light are located vertically in the center of your body, aligned approximately with your spine.

Each Chakra influences and represents a specific region of the body. As you learn how each affects your health, you can also learn how to improve the quality of your overall state by opening, clearing, strengthening, and understanding your chakras.

the seven chakra system

Seven main chakras are located in the body. They are tied to the nervous system along the spine, endocrine system, and various glands. The chakras are also linked to various bodily functions, such as breathing and digestion.

The seven major chakras represent the four elements -- air, fire, earth, and water -- and light, sound, and thought. In addition, each Chakra is represented by one of the seven colors of the rainbow -- yellow, red, orange, green, indigo, blue, and violet.

These centers are also associated with the different organs and glands in the body. Following is a breakdown of the other chakras -- their color, location, and physical function in our body.

Effects of Each Chakra Blocked

First Chakra - Base / Root

This Chakra is situated at the base of the spine below the coccyx area and is also known by the Sanskrit name of Muladhara. It is associated with red color and is represented as a four-petaled flower. It draws energy from the earth and is also linked with survival and the practical issues of existence in a physical body, the anus and genitals, the legs, and (when blocked) with feelings of unworthiness and fear.

Second Chakra - Sacral

Also known as Swadhisthana in Sanskrit, this Chakra is located slightly above the first, around the coccyx. It's associated with the color orange and represented by a six-petaled flower. It is also linked with sexual desire and emotions such as friendliness and affection, as well as with the reproductive organs. Blockages may manifest as sexual issues or an excessively power-seeking and manipulative nature.

Third Chakra - Solar Plexus

The main issues are empowerment, spontaneity, self-confidence, and the ability to face challenges. If you find yourself constantly being stepped on by others, are plagued by doubts about your capabilities, or continuously second-guess yourself and your decisions, the culprit lies in an imbalanced solar plexus chakra.

Fourth Chakra - Heart

The heart chakra is situated in the chest, also known as Anahata. It's linked with green or pink and depicted as a 12-petaled flower. It governs the heart, lungs, and thymus gland and, on an emotional level, is connected with feelings of compassion, love, and acceptance. Heart chakra blockages can take the form of possessive, critical, or moody behavior, as well as breathing and cardiac issues.

Fifth Chakra - Throat

The fifth Chakra of the seven chakras is the Throat Chakra. It is found at the base of the throat and is responsible for honest communication. This Chakra is associated with the blue color. When the throat Chakra is healthy, your communication abilities are good, and people hear and understand what you have to say. It is also an excellent chakra to have healthy if you do public speaking. If it is not healthy, it could develop into two areas of communication.

First, you tend to be overbearing in your speaking manner and talk too much. Next, you tend to be shy and speak little, thinking what you say does not carry much weight. Finally, you can use blue lace agate or turquoise stones to balance the Throat Chakra. The Throat Chakra can be balanced similarly to the Root Chakra.

Sixth Chakra - Third Eye / Brow

The sixth Chakra is also known by the Sanskrit name of Ajna and is located on the forehead area between the eyebrows. It influences the sensory organs in the head and brain and is linked with mystical insight and psychic powers. A two-petalled lotus and the color indigo symbolize this Chakra. Imbalances may lead to dogmatic attitudes, mental 'cloudiness,' or eye problems.

Seventh Chakra - Crown

The crown chakra rules all things spiritual - one sense of oneness with the Universe, wisdom, understanding, and our higher purpose. If your life seems meaningless or you lack direction and aimlessness, seek to align the crown chakra. Greater awareness of life and a strengthened connection to a Higher Power result from a strong, balanced crown chakra.

The Benefits of My Crystal Chakra Alignment and Clearing Sessions

Chakra Crystals

There are endless reasons why your chakras can become unbalanced or blocked, and when one becomes clogged, the flow of the whole system is interrupted. Therefore, taking good care of your chakra system will help optimize your energy flow. There are many simple techniques to keep your energy centers flowing, and I urge you to use whichever feels right to you.

If the influential art of chakra healing sounds intriguing to you, book a Crystal Chakra Alignment and Clearing Sessions today. I will do an aura reading and pinpoint which chakras are blocked or unbalanced. From there, I'll employ many healing tools to help lead your energy centers into harmonious vibration.

Love and Gratitude, Banika x

The Zen Curator

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