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Why all the Zero Alcohol hype?

Updated: Feb 19

I have been there. I used to drink too much alcohol and found myself waking up with a hangover every weekend and sometimes even mid-week. It was not pretty, and I felt like crap. My face was swollen, my eyes were puffy, I was tired and sluggish, and I had a stomach ache. So many people suffer from the same thing.

I used to be one of them until about a year ago when I stopped heavy drinking went on a self-discovery journey to heal that part of me that would turn to the bottle when stressed. It worked because I don't drink heavily nowadays, and even if I do, I have self-control.

You have probably heard of how drinking alcohol can make you feel relaxed, confident, or stimulated. It's a fact that alcohol makes people feel better. It makes you feel relaxed, happy, and even confident. You may find yourself feeling more confident to talk to the person you like or to make a fool out of yourself in a funny way.

There are also ways alcohol can make you feel bad. For example, it is said that alcohol is a depressant because it blocks the receptors in your brain that produce serotonin — which is the chemical that makes you happy. Some people even become aggressive or violent when they drink too much alcohol. The other side effect of drinking too much is hangovers — which can make you feel tired, sick, and depressed.

After I reduced my alcohol consumption, I tried zero-alcohol wines and beers. I tried a few brands but found them unsatisfying, like a wine cooler that didn't really taste like anything.

Then I discovered Wild Life Botanicals, which I got from Sans Drinks, and I am converted. It's 0.5% alcohol and has botanical essences and vitamins. Plus, it tastes good!

Wild Life Botanicals are packaged in beautifully designed, premium quality glass bottles with a minimalistic design. Every bottle is made from a durable, ultra-clear durable glass and finished with a unique botanical label. In addition, the Wild Life Botanicals are free from any additives, preservatives, or other artificial flavorings.

These flavored sparkling wines are delightful beverages with fruity, floral, and natural botanical flavors sure to delight your senses. And, unlike all of those other drinks out there that leave you feeling guilty, awkward, and out of control. These sparklers have five delicious botanical extracts, including Damask Rose, Rosemary, Ashagwandha, Damiana and Lemon Balm. They also contain eight vitamins and minerals.

Let’s find out the benefits of these 5 wonderful essentials.

· Damask rose - Our sparkling wine with Damask Rose essence will leave you feeling refreshed and revived. One sip of this sparkling drink and your most minor worries will seem weightless. Dried Damask rose petals are used as a tonic. It is useful in the treatment of frigidity, dysmenorrhea, and other gynecological conditions. It is also used to promote relaxation, restful sleep, and a general sense of well-being.

· Rosemary - Rosemary essence is a powerful antioxidant, which can help keep your skin looking young and healthy. It improves blood circulation to the body's extremities, which is why it feels so refreshing when applied to the face. In addition, ingesting rosemary essence can improve brain function and memory, making it an excellent addition to your evening drink.

· Lemon balm - Lemon balm can significantly improve your nervous system and make you feel happier. Not only is it a great stress reliever, but also lemon balm is an excellent natural antispasmodic agent. Therefore, it can relieve smooth muscle spasms such as those in the gastrointestinal and urinary tract. In addition, lemon balm can reduce symptoms of indigestion and heartburn by calming stomach muscles and reducing stomach acid production.

· Ashwagandha - Ashwagandha has been used as a preventive tonic in wine and is considered a 'palatable' herb. This antioxidant can help fight cancer, boost the immune system, and even improve mental health—and they're already in your wine glass.

· Damiana - Damiana is primarily used to support the body's reproductive systems. It has also been used traditionally to support urinary tract health, gastrointestinal relief, stress, and appetite control.

These elegant sparkling wines are not only delicious but packed with skin-loving ingredients. Wild Life Botanicals have created fresh drop sparkling wines steeped in the finest all-natural ingredients to help you unwind after a long day. Both drinks have wholesome and natural ingredients and no added sugar, so they are low in calories—a low percentage of alcohol and vegan friendly.

The variety of flavors found in the world of wine is endless, and it can take up to five years for a bottle of wine to age before it's released. There are all sorts of tastes, aromas, and preferences found in wines; everyone has their personal favorite. That's why I think wild life botanicals sparkling wine is an excellent choice if you live an active lifestyle; it combines the finest flavors that nature can offer with a fruity and refreshing taste that you are sure to love.

Love and Gratitude, Banika x

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